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Bonntech OMS is a secure, structured, internet based system for presenting & preserving formal business meeting agendas and supporting material of Boards & Committees. It is equally applicable for companies, regulatory authorities, councils, nfp's, associations and clubs.

The ultimate all-in-one meeting platform:
a better way

Bonntech OMS is a tried & proven system that facilitates the efficient conduct of business meetings. It allows participants to freely navigate their business meeting agendas and reports. They can make private notes in the system before during & after meetings. They can access their agendas at any time and from anywhere that internet is available. Users can refer to previous agendas & access reference resources at will.

"....a veritable one-stop-shop for board members...."

Whatever the electronic system, individual board members often resort to printing their own sets of documents, (time consuming and costly); some have the capability to set up their electronic filing effectively, but all of a group seldom have the same IT capabilities. In any case there will often be confusion, frustration and delays during the course of meetings in either chasing paper or locating documents on participants’ laptops or ipads.

The time unnecessarily spent by individual participants is costly to them. In our experience all Board members have heavy demands on their time; often voluntary or near voluntary; for others it may be a highly remunerated appointment. Regardless, it is incumbent on management to ensure that those costs are mitigated and members are enabled to play their part efficiently and effectively without the distractions that a relatively unstructured system brings.

As one of our clients remarked, “We weren’t that concerned about the dollar savings in the decision to adopt Bonntech OMS, it was about ensuring our board members were happy.”

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